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First, I have to say...urrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!  Phew, glad I got that off my chest!

I'm altering 4 pair of pants for a family member, and that's really the only reason I'm doing this project (family), ha!  I didn't notice at first all the flat felled seams running across the back of the pants!  That was my mistake.  I don't know where my head was.  Each pair are being taken in between 2" - 3 1\2", and it's been quite a challenge.  If the back seam was just a plain ole' seam, then it would be a cinch, but ripping out all these flat felled seams, and belt loops, and tags, and reworking everything trying to keep the pockets even distance from the center, and so's been...well...interesting.  

I had never done a waistline decrease with seams like this, just like in jeans.  And I looked everywhere online for tips/instructions but wasn't able to find anything to help with exactly what I needed to do.  I found 1 video that has the "promise" of showing you how to do this easily, but you have to pay for it.  There's a little "teaser" and just when the video author gets at that crucial place in the process of the alteration it switches to her telling you where you can purchase the video.  I have no problem with that, more power to her!  I just didn't want to give up the few bucks I have at the moment, not knowing for sure if this was going to be helpful to me so I went back to my sewing table and plodded onward.  

But, Sheesh!  The information on altering pants with these types of seams is like a HUGE secret!  Anybody who seems to know how to do it properly just doesn't want to give it up; it's like sensitive government TOP SECRET files!  

Well, I worked at it and messed with that material endlessly, and spent literally hours  trying to do this so that the end result wouldn't look hokey but professional.  And the first pair I somehow completed, but even after I finished them I had no idea how I did it, ha!  The wife stopped in and picked up that first pair that was completely finished and after looking at them she said, "Wow! It looks so professional! You can hardly tell anything was done!"  Well, that made me feel good.  I resewed all the tags on, which were several (I have no idea why they need so many tags!) but I accidentally sewed the size tag in backwards.  After all the time I spent, there was no way  was going back in there to take it apart for that one tag.  If it hadn't been for a family member, I probably would have redone it, but thankfully I didn't have to.  She just laughed when I told her about it.  

It certainly is not worth having these type of alterations done on khakis.  The cost of the alteration, if I were to charge someone full price for my time and hard work, would far exceed the price of those pants, especially with the hemming and seam reinforcements.  I will definitely not do this again.  If someone asks me, I'll just tell them to save themselves some money, and me some trouble, and just go buy themselves new ones.  :))

Additional Note:

I got another pair from them yesterday and this morning I took over 2 more pair that I had completed last night.  The gentleman tried them on for me since I was a little anxious to see how they fit and they fit perfectly!  I was thrilled, and he was happy.  It's funny that no matter how much time, effort, and frustration was involved in doing those pants, just the fact that they turned out right was enough to make me feel it was worth it in the end.  That sigh of relief that came when he had them on and was happy felt sooooo good!  It's a little like childbirth....the memory of the pain and discomfort seems to just melt away when you hold that beautiful baby in your hands.  Crazy analogy, I know, but doing a job like this was more than just sewing, it was a little bit like artwork with all the piecing and reconstructing that was going on, hehe.  :) 

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Comment by Ags on October 11, 2012 at 2:52pm

Thanks, Ladies, for your comments.  :)  

Comment by Jean M. on October 11, 2012 at 6:54am

Love your story - my hat's off to you!! Your analogy was perfect too, in my opinion.

Comment by Marijayne Favata on October 3, 2012 at 8:30am

Education=  Once you have accomplished the task you will never forget the learning experience and how it made you feel.  My ha ha time was many years ago when someone showed me how to put in a Man's fly front zipper from scratch.  The first one took me six hours from then on it takes me only 20  minutes.

Comment by gorwin on September 28, 2012 at 2:50am

yeah, that's a lot of work, but be happy you didn't spend anything to buy the secrets to the simple process, there are none.  those seams are the first steps to making a pair of pants, so you have to take apart the pants almost completely to get to them.  i recently made my first pair of jeans, and am so very happy. they fit right, look professional, and even starting with a professional pattern, and flat uncut fabric. those back seams, and altering the cut to make them fit properly takes some doing.

bake a cake and celebrate:)

Comment by Ags on September 27, 2012 at 1:36pm

Karen, thanks for your comment.  And "No", I am not going to be part of the Sewing CIA.  :)  I have a couple more to finish and as soon as I'm confident in the process that I'm doing, I will be more than happy to pass that info. along.  Just about all the sewing I've done has been learning by trial and error, since I was a kid, so I always appreciate any help, tips, and tricks I get from others so I'm more than willing to pass along what I've learned.  :)  Although, I could probably make a killing if I wrote an ebook on this and titled it, "The sewing SECRET".  ;)

Comment by Karen on September 27, 2012 at 2:35am

Sewing challenges.  I understand completely, you get really stressed out because you are working outside your comfort zone and the only way it can be done is the RIGHT way - but when they say "Hey, that's great, thanks" - somehow all that stress melts away.  Well done for persevering, but are you joining the TOP SECRET gang now?  I think aving gone through the trauma, you would probably feel "why should I make it easy for someone else!"  Happily I haven't been asked to do anything as tough as this - yet - but I know where to come if I do!

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