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I use dollar store clamps that are for holding picnic table cloths in place or even the chips bag clips to secure quilt tops to 2 tables pushed together when planning backs and liners for the quilt. I usually work alone & don't have the advantage of people helping me anchor everything. I've also found neat clamps in the hardware section for this step in quilting. I think they were intended for something electrical, not sure. They have an extra joint right at the head & are cool!

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Comment by Patricia W. Tingley on January 26, 2010 at 9:26pm
In a Florida Thrift store I found a box of metal clips Hairedresssers use and have found them great for fleece and also for holding the fabric on shoes I re-cover. Isn't it fun when you find a "tool" from another craft or guild profession that is so useful in sewing!

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