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Modern She Made - a Flickr Swap - a WIP

I am currently working on my first ever Flickr swap.  It is called Modern She Made.  When I originally followed the link from my friend Diane's blog from blank pages the swap invitation read:

"Do you love modern design? Do you love making high quality projects? Do you love making new friends?"

Since my answers were yes, yes and yes this seemed like the perfect swap for me!  Although, of course, I really needed another commitment. NOT!!! But how was a girl to resist?  Clearly I didn't.

When we signed on we were asked to nominate a few things that we would like made for us so our partners weren't sewing in the dark.  One of the items my partner asked for was a bag to carry around her embroidery things and for it to be big enough to accommodate books and a 12" embroidery hoop.  The other requirement of the swap was for the finished product to incorporate a circle in some way.  Of course, my busy little brain thought of many ideas - and rejected just as many!!

In the end I settled on my design (you can see that my design process is fairly rudimentary - no precise drawings for me) and chose my fabrics.  My partner wanted colours of teal blue, yellow and grey and the fabric I found was perfect.

I am working my way through the cutting (not my favourite bit) and the sewing (my favourite bit) and then will start on the assembly of the bag.  It is all quite a challenge for me because I haven't made that many bags and when it is finished this one will be a little bit complicated.  But I don't mind a sewing challenge!!

I will need to finish it soon as the mailing deadline for international participants looms ever closer so I won't keep you waiting long to see the finished product.

Until next time, happy quilting, knitting, sewing, crafting ....


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Comment by Karen on May 21, 2012 at 5:16pm

Love the fabrics and the colours, look forward to seeing the finished bag!

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