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I guess I went a bit overboard for our niece, but I was on a roll. 8-D Pictured is a towel apron to dry the sweet little one, as well as a blanket and a couple of other neccessities. The towel apron is made from a large, fluffy bath towel with the bath mitt made from the toweling that was cut away for the shaping. I found the pattern on Etsy and thought it was a cute idea. The bias binding about drove me crazy, but it eventually got done correctly. Now that I know what I am doing, I just may make this project again. The blanket was just two pieces of flannel stitched together and then turned and stitched shut at the opening and then topstitched around the edge. The embroidery is a redwork design with the wording added in Embird. (No name for the baby; it is still a secret.) The burps and bibs were purchased and I embroidered the designs. They were a LOT less work. 8-) I realize the bird on one of the bibs isn't a duck, but Mommy loves penguins.


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