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It's funny the things you can get excited about!  Well, I'm excited about 3 new additions to my sewing room.  

First up is this lovely pair of vintage 1950's Wiss Model C Pinking Shears.

Even though it' obvious that they have been used, they cut beautifully.  I'm so happy, because my current pair, even though much "younger" are not working so well and I've been putting off buying a new pair because of the expense.  And these were a gift!...from my wonderful sister-in-law, who has a resale business online.  She's always finding treasures at garage and estate sales.  

She also gave me these sewing machine feet...which I love and for which I am very grateful. :)

It's funny because I had just recently commented on a post here in "Sewing Machine Feet Tutorials" in which Karen made a post saying that she didn't like the new style zipper foot.  I was commenting that I had an old Kenmore machine and the zipper foot that came with it is on it's last leg and I've been been thinking that it needs to be put out to pasture and replaced.  But I haven't seen any feet that would fit my old machine at the various fabric stores and sewing shops in my area.  And after reading Karen's post, I really didn't want to purchase one of the new style feet.  I never mentioned this to my sister-in-law, but she pulled these out of an old sewing basket that she had acquired and said, "If you want these, you can have them.  I have no use for them."  With wide eyes and a silly grin on my face I said, "Ohh, thank you!  Thank you!  I'd love to have them!"  They were just what I was looking for!!! :)  I felt like a little kid at Christmas.  

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Comment by Ags on August 14, 2013 at 5:18pm

Thank you for your comments, Karen.  :)  

Comment by Karen on August 8, 2013 at 2:34pm

Oh Ags you lucky thing!  I envy you your SIL!  I have a new zipper foot coming from Hong Kong which should arrive at the beginning of September if I am lucky, and it might even fit!

I treated myself to a few new pairs of scissors including some Scalloped Pinking Shears after reading about them on Larissa's MMMCrafts blog.  Enjoy your new treasures!

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