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As I promised myself, I made another of Erin Erikson’s Zip and Go Bag  from recycled denim.  This was some more of the skirt I used for my Patchwork Butterfly Bag which was a nice dark blue.  I had 3 panels left, so I machined them together to make enough fabric to cut the bag out, alternating the flared panels to make a rectangle.

Then I fiddled around deciding how to place the pattern pieces so it worked well with the zippers.  I decided the best way was to have the vertical seams across the front and the horizontal ones on the back.

I assembled all the necessary zippers, hardware, interfacing and acquired this darling cotton print (which goes really well with denim) for the lining.  

You really can’t see the seams where I joined the skirt panels on the front, but they show up on the back due to the colour variation.  I did consider making more of a feature of them with maybe pink topstitching, but decided to be low-key.

Last time I used 2 different colour linings for the main bag and front pocket.  This time I used the same fabric but have the stripes going different ways!

I had dithered over which applique to add to decorate the front panel.  I toyed with another patchwork butterfly, but felt it was a little too busy.  So I went with ‘subtle and understated’ and used another scrap of light blue denim to do a simple butterfly silhouette.  

My recycled denim “Zip and Go Bag” 

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