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Having have read Chris’s tutorial on using rivets on bags, I decided it was time to have a go!

When I made the Josy Clutch ( I decided I would use rivets to fix the handles, and just sewed them on temporarily.  I googled all over the place looking for 6mm double cap rivets in the U.K. with no success.  I only found them in the Far East, through e-bay or Etsy. So I eventually chose some and ordered them through Etsy and settled back to wait the 10 – 25 days suggested.

While I was waiting for the rivets, I sat and looked at my Josy bag, and decided I wanted to make some changes.  

  1. I’m not happy with this lining and pocket, so I want to change them.
  2. I want to use lobster clasps on the handle instead of the gate hinge rings (blame this on making the Zip and Go bag!)
  3. I want to shorten the tabs, and at the same time fit the D rings for the lobster clasps
  4. I want to try to decorate the flap with some wool hand embroidery!

Then when the rivets turned up (after only 2 weeks) I found I had ordered single caps by mistake!  Okay if they were going to be hidden inside, but they aren't.

Undeterred I had another go, and ordered these definitely double cap ones from another Etsy seller called Popstuffs, as she had these cute flower magnet snaps I wanted to try and I am now waiting for them to arrive.

Whilst browsing a few days later, I found rivets by Prym on Amazon UK.  I knew they made jean rivets, but these are definitely for handbag handles as they are illustrated on the packet.  Great!  Unfortunately the seller wanted £25 to post them to me from Germany!  I was not prepared to pay that, so I googled ‘Prym rivets UK’ and found them from   Wunderbar!

However, it turns out that despite the name, they are in fact in Germany, but are happy to ship to the UK for only £6.80, which was a lot better than £25!

These ‘tubular’ rivets come in 3 sizes, 3-4 mm, 4-6 mm and 6-9 mm so I ordered one of each.  Including postage they cost me £20.52.  That was on Wednesday 7th August, and they arrived Friday 9th, just as I was leaving for a trip to the fabric shop in Norwich.


I was going in to buy the lining fabrics ready for my faux leopard skin coat, and what did I find hanging on the wall?  Prym Tubular Rivets!  They run workshops with an on-line site, but the shop does not sell on-line, so I would have had to drive in to get them.  Well, at least I know where I can get more now.  I came home with a lot of new goodies to play with, and still have those rivets and flower magnetic snaps to come from Hong Kong (and a new ‘old style’ narrow zipper foot, but that’s another story!)

So today I messed around with my new Prym rivets.  I tried them out but didn’t have the setting tool and anvil Chris had, just a cutting tool and flat anvil for making the h***.  So unfortunately the caps were all very slightly dented on the back, despite having covered them to try and soften the blow!  I used them on the handles I have made for this recycled jeans tote bag I am still working on.  

I am pleased with them although I am a little disappointed about the denting.  Tonight I have sent a message to Popstuffs with a link to Chris’s tutorial,  asking if they can supply me with a similar anvil and setting tool to Chris's as once again I can't find them in the UK.


Then I moved on to storing them, as I don’t trust the packets once they are open.  I had picked up a 4 compartment Bead Storage box during my shopping trip, and decided to use that.   I cut the labels from the packs and stuck them in the lids with double sided tape.  The tools and instructions fit in the 4th compartment.  It’s so neat, I find that very satisfying…. is that sad?

So yes at the moment I am -

  • awaiting my double cap rivets (and magnetic flower catches)
  • awaiting a reply about getting a rivet anvil and setting tool
  • starting work on re-lining my vintage leopard skin coat
  • creating a new tote bag from bits of old jeans (with riveted handles)
  • re-working my Josy Clutch (with riveted handles)
  • planning on making a denim version of the Zip and Go Bag

and not forgetting (which I had)


  • I have enrolled for 3 workshops locally (patchwork, cloth dyeing, pyjamas)
  • I have enrolled for several Craftsy courses

I think that’s a bit too long to fit in the “What are you sewing today” box don't you?  I am having so much fun and will have lots to post about in the coming weeks/months

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