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Inspiration can strike me in the strangest of places.
I was recently standing in the least inspirational aisle of my local supermarket (household cleaning) and was absent mindedly choosing some kitchen sponges.

I have for some time wanted to create a simple layer cake for a tutorial and had not been happy with the materials I was experimenting with.
Divine intervention hit me as I saw these brightly colored slices of foam rubber, suddenly transformed in my minds eye to become delicious, delectable tea time treats.

I half expected to be bathed from overhead with a shaft of brilliant light illuminating the now beautiful sponges and hearing the faint exhilarating voices of angels lifted in jubilant song!

Instead I gathered up a packet of every color, aborted the rest of my shopping and headed home to my work room.
Working up a new design for me always involves lots of prototypes and test samples. I since have been back and forth to the same supermarket frequently to restock.
We live in a  small community  and, I could be imagining this, but the cashier seems to be looking at me differently.

It occurred to me that he may think I have some kind of sponge problem, or perhaps even a fetish, or even some strange addiction like, eating little bits of colored sponge every day.
So now I have started to try and disguise my sponge purchases with other items in the basket. I’m still getting the strange looks and it is costing me a fortune in cover up purchases.

Perhaps its time to just come clean (pardon the pun) and just confess that I make cakes out of them, I’m sure that will clear it up!

On the plus side though, you all get to try out my new designs, this one is fun and delicious and will have your visitors talking.
Hope you like it.  Comes with free templates and the tutorial is in my videos.


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