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My nylon-lined folding shopping bag

Well I have this black nylon folding shopping bag I bought for £1 several years ago.  It's handy to keep in my bag, but it's awfully dull!


So I used it as a pattern a while ago, and made a nice one out of a curtain remnant.  However, when I bought milk in cold damp bottles, I always used the black nylon one so I wouldn't spoil my nice one!


Time to re-think.  I have some water repellent nylon I used to line a boy's drawstring backpack with so he could use it for swimming, so why not line my shopper?  Here's how I did it.



Handles - From outer fabric cut two strips 4" wide and 16" long


I originally made the handles to pull through, but they flat refused to budge!  I'm afraid I got annoyed with them and decided to chuck them and make this turned-in version instead.


Press a crease down the middle of each strip, then fold the outside edges to meet on the crease.  Press, and then fold the whole thing in half lengthwise.  Press.


To neaten the ends, undo the folds at each end and turn under 1/4", press and then refold.  Finish by top-stitching around all 4 sides.


Pocket - From outer fabric cut rectangle 11 1/2" x 7 1/2", prepare 4 feet of bias binding, 1" squares of Velcro


Measure 3" up from the bottom and draw a line across with chalk/washable marker.  Use a saucer to cut a nice curve!


The pocket is bound along the top straight edge first, then around the sides and curved bottom.  Much easier now I have my bias binding maker and binder foot!



I added the 1" looped velcro patch in the centre, 2" down from the top, on the right side of the fabric.  I will add the hooked velcro piece when the bag is finished to make sure it lines up! 


Main Bag - From outer fabric and nylon lining cut two pieces 16" wide and 17" deep


I decided the easy way was to simply overlock/serge the fabric outer and nylon lining wrong sides together, then treat them as a single piece.  It would have been even better if I had navy blue thread for the overlocker/serger, but at least it is neat!


Measure and press a 1" hem across the top of each piece.


Add pocket - Position pocket in centre, 4" down from the top.  Re-mark the line 3" up from the bottom if it has come off.  This is your stitching line.


Sew pocket on down side, across marked line and back up the other side.



Add handles - Position handles, in line with pocket so they will fit inside, and pin in place.  Machine all round 1" hem catching handles.  I also did a box on the base of each handle to make it more secure.


Assemble bag - Pin front to back, pin pocket flap up out of the way. Stitch together down sides and across bottom with narrow seam.  I do 3 stitches across corners.  Press.



Turn right side out, press.


Add 2nd Velcro patch - Now fold the bag up -


1. Fold both sides in to meet in the middle

2. Fold handles down from the top edge of the pocket

3. Fold the bottom up to reveal the flap

4. Fold the bottom up to the flap

5. Pull the flap down and mark the position for the hooked velcro patch.  Sew velcro in place on wrong side of flap. Close bag. Finished! 



Here it is closed











and here it is open = pretty and useful with a good sized pocket!




Maybe I should made a blue patchwork one to put in my Butterfly Bag next?














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