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I am turning an extra bedroom into a sewing/craft room. I have so much stuff it's ridiculous! But, I am having trouble thinking of how to store my silk flowers so that I can see what I have without having to dig through boxes; a way they won't get crushed, as they would if stored in see-through bins; a way that I can display them, maybe in some type of system that is attached to a wall??? Can anyone think of anything? Please let me know. I am desperate!

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Comment by Sherri on April 16, 2011 at 11:52pm
We have that type of material at our local Lowe's.  I had not even thought of it. My hubby has a work shop that he "tinkers" with the mower, tractor, etc., and he has some of his tools hanging on it!  It was right under my nose and I hadn't thought of it!  I did remember seeing a frame type shape made from thin boards, that had dowel rods.  Someone was using it for their rolls of ribbon.  I DID buy some of the board, and the dowels the other day so I can make one for myself.  I have got so many spools of ribbon, for embroidery, and other ribbons for my crafts, that it's ridiculous!  Too, I do floral arrangements and wreaths.  I use the colored netting stuff that's kinda like a plastic??? It is on spools, but it's about 30" wide.  I have a lot of that too, and need to make another rack just to hold all of that! Thanks for the idea.  I'm gonna have to get out my sketch pad and see how it would work for me.  Happy Sewing!
Comment by Judith Mercer on April 10, 2011 at 3:22pm
Hi, I just wonder if pegboard would work for you? It's a bit tricky to get ( I cannot find any locally) but you may be luckier than me. It is literally a piece of hardboard with holes in it about 1/8th in size, in an even grid pattern. Then you buy these hooks, (ebay) and away you go. The idea is that its completely up to you to design the layout for your needs. I am currently on the hunt for some but haven't been lucky so far. I fancied having a piece of it on my wall near my work table, so i can hang scissors, cutting mat, cutting accsesories, etc etc on it so they are easy to access and take up very little space.
Good luck with your plan, let me know how you get on,
regards, judith

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