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Hi fellow creators! Just wanted to leave a note saying that I finished the blouse last night, and before I hemmed it, I decided to slip it on and check the fit. Now, I am a lover of loose, comfortable, but cute clothes. This blouse, however, did not fit into any of those categories! Whenever I add a section of fabric that is to be gathered, in the past, I didn't measure how much width I needed. I just cut out a large rectangle, and if it was sssuuupppeeerrr gathered, that was even better. As I slipped this top on and stopped in disbelief in front of my mirror, I realized the days of not measuring width were OVER. I am a big girl. But ladies, I'm here to tell you, probably me and 3 more of me could have fit into the gathering I put into the fabric that was sewn to the yoke! I couldn't believe it. (Mirrors are never a good thing in my opinion anyway)! So, I considered throwing it away. But I thought of how I loved that fabric, and if I was ever gonna learn to make my own designs and cut them out and make them into garments, I was gonna have to learn to use measurements. So, yes, I got the trusty seamripper, and I went on a rampage! I took the blouse completely apart. I cut down the rectangles to 1 1/2 the width of the yoke, and it looks sooooo much better. I have quit working on it for a couple hours. Also, I got Noah's duffel made, except for the handles that are on each side. I looked in a 30 mile radius from my home and could not find jute webbing. So, I went on ebay and ordered 10 yards. I am gonna cover most of it with the ribbon that I used on the bag itself. But, I am really surprised that the bag is as cute as it is! I've never made anything like it before. The pattern directions were confusing, so I used memories from my young mother days and remembered what things I liked in a diaper bag, and I added those to this duffel. I believe my DD will enjoy it. I intend on letting you all see it as soon as I finish. Remember: "as ye sew, so shall ye rip...." Sherri

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