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Nicole Mallalieu is Reaping What She Sews

To say Nicole Mallalieu is a creative type is something of an understatement. The founder of her own design company selling easy-to-understand sewing patterns for bags and purses has been, among other things, a milliner, a garment pattern maker, and a leather worker, making briefcases and bags by hand. She recently launched her first book, You Sew Girl, and makes clothes for herself and her child.

Such is her urge to create, Mallalieu can sometimes be found knitting in post office queues. It’s no surprise to discover she’s been sewing since she was three.

“I used to sit on my older sister’s knee and learn to sew with needle and thread,” she says from her Melbourne studio. “When I was five or six I pestered her into teaching me how to use a sewing machine. By high school I was designing and making my own clothes. Mum was really worried – all I did was make clothes and not go out and make mischief!”  read on...



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Comment by Jennifer Howell on July 28, 2011 at 8:35am
That is great ! I am trying to do something like that myself. Today women are working and most of it is from home.

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