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I did some searching on google to come up with a great baby shower gift and I came across the baby diaper ensembles. I just feel in love with them and just had to try my own version. This are great gifts to give the new mother to be and is full of little surprises.
Gather your supplies and all your baby items that you want in your diaper cake
My list consisted of:
Cotton Balls
Cotton Swabs
1 Large baby Bottle
2 Small Baby Bottles
Receiving Blankets (I used 4)
Baby Blankets (I used 2)
Wash Clothes (for the roses)
100 Diapers
Elastic Bands (I don't wrap each diaper)
Cuddle Stuffed Animals
Baby Bathing items
Fill the 3 bottles with the cotton swabs and cottonm balls
I placed the large baby bottle in the center of my base templateand drew a circle around the bottle. The base is used as a guide in construction the bottom half of the diaper cake.
Place a rubber band around the baby bottle
You will now start to roll your diapers. I dont go by an exact count for each level I just keep filling untill I have the circular shape and size I want.
I start rolling from the open end to the bottom end of the diaper, rolling it nice and tight.
(I choose not to place an elastic around each diaper as I find it still keeps it's shape once you place it in the elastic)
Start to insert the diapers around the bottle untill you have the exact shape you want and how wide you want the bottom base. I did three rows for the bottom base.

Take one of the receiving blankets (keep it folded just as it was packaged) and fold it up 1/4 of the way at the bottom.

Wrap it around the bottom base of the diaper cake. I used straight pins to hold it together.
Tie your Ribbon around the base. Start creating the next level by adding another elastic and add your diapers.
Add another recieving blanket folding up 1/4 fold t the bottom.
I created the last top layer just by adding diapers around the small baby bottle and then taking the bottle away so that I can place a receiving blanket to the top popping out.

Wrapp another receiving blanket to the top layer and place the last recieving blanket and place it in the top layer
Top off with the Teddy Bear holding the blanket
Finsih the diaper cake with ribbon aand any goodies you would like to add. I made baby washcloth roses to finish mine off with just a touch of simplicity.
Add as many cake pieces as you want. I added two more to each side of the layered ones. I constructed these using the small baby bottles.

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Comment by Mesewlot on July 23, 2011 at 11:01pm
This is so darn adorable...I LOVE it!! Thanks for the detailed tutorial!

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