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I picked up a magazine today that showed how to make decorative eggs using plastic, or paper mache' eggs and origami paper. You could buy a set of 5 for $15, so cheap-o me thought, I can do this. So, ran in Hobby Lobby and got 6 paper mache' eggs. I picked out a small package of foil origami paper, and a package of some with an Oriental flair. So, I'm gonna dig out the homemade mod podge and my trusty paint brush and have a whack at it tomorrow. I also got 2 wooden diy paintable pretties that have only the word "Easter" on them. They were 50% off, which left me paying $2 for them. I have my craft paints at home, and the brushes, so I got some cute little wooden painted bunnies.....they are about 1/2-3/4" tall. I also got some plastic eggs, which were about 1/2" tall. All of t his stuff was half off. So, I got it home, painted the "Easter" pretties in pastel colors, and glued my wooden bunnies and carrots on them. I think they are extremely cute, they make a cute centerpiece on a table or bar, sitting in a nest of easter grass, with plastic eggs around it. I guess that's all for now. It's 12:35 in the morniing, but I had to stay up to watch Project Runway, and work on the Easter things. Time to hit the pillow! Nite everyone!

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