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Living in Central California, one would think we would not have any kind of "bad" weather.  I watch the news and see the severe weather all over the country, except maybe California.  I feel guilty because I have a daughter in Washington and one in New York.  Talk about extreme weather.  What does this have to do with sewing you ask?  Well, one can get....hmmmm comfortable in her so called "secure environment".  I should have learned not to take things for granted.  Tomorrow is supposed to be the coldest day here in over 60 years, and snow to 500 feet!! Yes, in Central California.  Again, what about sewing? Here is my dilema: I became smug in my security.  I thought that I was a bit invincible (going back to teenage mentality which I am 40 years past).  Some of you may know that I am working to develop my business, internet sales, creative designs, embroidery, green sewing ...... you get the picture.  In my 'secure' state of mind, whack, I am brought to reality.  I am stuck, a brain freeze, writers block, call it what you may, I have come to that part in my life that I can't seem to remember which direction I am supposed to be going.  I am not sure if any of you have suffered this plight, or am I the only one? My desire is bigger than the time I am alloted to work, my dreams are cracking the boundries of my brain, not that it is all that large.  So many desires are overwhelming me.  I want to be successful, and I seemed to forget the work, diligence, effort that I must put into it to be successful. This has taken me aback, and I am at the beginning stages of recreating my dream.  Maybe I took on too much, and I just have to define my dream instead of my dream defining me.  I look at every picture and seem to think I must master this design to become successful.  I see the beautiful clothes being sold, and wonder..."I have to add this to my collection."
What I am asking of my "sisters" in sewing, is to help me find clarity.  How did you find your way? What was that project, instance that defined your way?  It seems I am lost in the desire to be creative, yet I have not had that "ahhah" moment that so many have.  I would appreciate any input, I really want to get going and pass this brain freeze, or maybe it really is overproduction lol. 

Thank you so much.  You have been so supportive in the past and so encouraging.

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