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Pics of blouse I bought at the mall and pics of the one I made like it

I finally finished the blouse I've been talking about. I put pics of it, and of the one that I used as my pattern on SWN. I bought the green one at the mall and I absolutely love it. It is so comfortable, and I put it in a lingerie bag, wash it, and hang it to dry. Easy, easy, easy! I wanted to see if I could make a pattern, so carefully I laid the blouse, piece by piece onto pages from a newspaper, and I copied the shapes. I transferred them to my pretty fabric, and cut them out. I started sewing, serging, removing sewing, removing get the picture I'm sure. Anyway, I finished it this morning, I ironed it good, and put it on my dressform. I tried it on earlier, and I love the way it fits and feels. If you get a chance, please look at the yoke on the green one, observing the way they added decoration to it, and tell me if you think my new BRIGHT one needs decorating. Thanks!!!!

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