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Where to Start? 

Well I have been sewing :), just not finding time to post. 
Anyhow today I started this costume for Izzy :) 

Lets just say she has an obsession with Power Puff Girls, and was slightly growing out of it :)
Till somehow she found out about the Z version on Youtube!

The dress is pretty much complete; all that is needed to complete it is binding
armhole. The thing I dislike most and would do differently is not go for
costume fabric. It's just so darn shiny and there is no way she'll be wearing
it a second time. All I can say is, I need to tame that little chick when we go
fabric shopping next. She wasted no time heading to the sparkly and shiny

However I'm excited for the end product. I begin working on the jacket tomorrow, we'll see how that goes (yucky costume fabric :( ) Izzy is pumped about modeling this for the blog, more photos to come after 10/31

Happy Sewing

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Comment by Renata on October 24, 2013 at 10:52pm

I sure will, working on that yellow vest right now. Heading to Joann's tomorrow for notions to add to the belt of this outfit.

Comment by Susan on October 24, 2013 at 2:44pm

Renata you must post photos on Halloween night to share with us.!

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