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As I stitch, and continue to learn how to really utilize the awesome features of this Brother Quattro 3, a feature I'm falling in love with - and have never had before - is presser foot PRESSURE. Hitting the notebook icon in the lower left corner of the screen, it is normally 3 - which when attaching Lastin Clear Elastic as a stay in a shoulder seam as shown in the lower piece in the photo - really puts too much pressure on it, puckering the fabric - NOT what is needed on a shoulder seam. Just changing that pressure to 1 fixes it immediately, changing NOTHING else for the nice flat application seen in the top piece.
THEN - putting it back on 3 I think will be PERFECT for my 'Clean Finish with Lastin' for nice, retentive, snappy necklines and armholes as taught in my Upscale Techniques and Nifty Necklines Talking Pattern™.

Sew......ladies, if you have this feature on your machine, experiment, and make it WORK FOR you!
On my LAST garment for Sensational least I think so!

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