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I recently purchased a new rug for my breakfast room and my chair cushions didn't match. I looked into buying new cushions, but at a low price of $15 each...that would be a $60 investment. I remembered I had some upholstery fabrics in my stash and found a perfect match for the top cushion fabric. There was only enough for the top and sides of the cushions, and I happened to have a coordinating fabric that actually had a raised thread which acted as "slip proof" fabric.

I made a paper pattern of the cushion, and cut and sewed the 4 covers. When I tried them on, I thought they would look better with piping. Since they were already completed, I thought I'd try adding the piping after the fact. These are pictures of the process and the finished product. It worked !

I added the piping between the seams and the side panels, pinning it in place first and using a zipper foot to sew close to the piping.

I have more pictures of the process if anyone is interested. I had some fabric left over and made matching place will follow.

Enjoy, Peggy

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