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I can remember my mom cutting up her Mouton fur coat to give me some pieces for a barbie coat, as I needed it for the collar. Does anyone know how to make hot pads from cigarette covers that you flatten the top of one and then you cut some kind if a v in it and then take an elastic and run it around the center . I used to make them but forgot long ago. Also do you remember making big flowers out of colored tissue paper? Please let me know what you were taught to do when younger. ButtonsR

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Comment by Buttons on November 9, 2009 at 3:02pm
Thanks for your postings Birdie and Bonnie. Those stories are great. I know what you mean by the sound of the scissors cutting. I thought that was such a neat sound. It's so much fun remembering what you used to make and how you did it, I just want to hear and share stories from wonderful people like you's. Never forget who taught you to sew,knit,etc. Birdie your story of your mom always having time for you reminds my daughter of me trying to help her with her sewing frustrations. We read yours and we laughed together knowing what that meant. Keep the stories coming girls. Buttons
Comment by Bonnie on November 8, 2009 at 11:07pm
Hi Buttons! I am not familiar with the hot pads, but I made lots of tissue paper flowers when I was a kid. We always made them in school for May Day decorations and sometimes as Mother's Day gifts. I liked making sortof medium size flowers 'cause I could make more with my share of tissue. We also used crepe paper but it bled someting bad if it got wet; it would stain anything it touched.
I got a little girl's Singer machine for my 6th birthday and didn't do much on it till I was 11 or so. Then I made dolls clothes with my best girlfriend ,who also had one. We'd h*** up in her room on the weekend and spend all day sewing for our dolls. I had a hard time learning how to pull the thread through the last loop so the chain wouldn't unravel. My grandmother taught me to do handworked buttonholes so I taught my girlfriend ; no safety pins for our doll dresses! We were such 'perfectionists' in our novice sewing skills. I wouldn't take anything for those wonderful times.
Comment by Birdie on November 8, 2009 at 3:56pm
Hi Buttons! I'm sorry I don't' have any suggestions for you. When I was younger my mom always went to piece goods. I can remember my favorite thing was hearing the ladies cut the fabric...the way the scissors sounded against the table. That was such a neat sound to me : ) She would usually buy me one of those pre-printed kids toy patterns, you know, the ones with only 2 pieces? I'd hand sew them. I made an ornament like that once and I still have it. She taught me to cross stitch & crochet too. I used to inevitably get knots and tangles somehow and she always stopped to help me no matter how busy she was.
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