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Roll Cuff Sleeve Refashion - by Jen @ My Own Road

This sewing project is a simple refashioning idea that is positively perfect for beginners.  You will need a long-sleeve button down shirt. With just a few cuts and some simple sewing YOU CAN refashion the long sleeves into nice neat roll cuff sleeves with pick-ups!  You won't believe how easy this is.  Even *I* could do it.  And I just may.  "Mr. B" has quite a few button down shirts that he hasn't worn in a very long time, that I could potentially mutilate, I mean refashion using this tutorial.  I would however need to follow this tutorial too: How to tailor a men's buttondown shirt to fit a woman so that it wasn't quite so boxy looking.  This is an excellent project for this time of year. 
I'm inspired, how about you?  Let me know if you try it!
* You will need:
  • Women's button down shirt that fits you properly.
  • Rotary cutter and mat.
  • Sewing machine and thread.
  • Jen's Tutorial.


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Comment by Sue Smith on March 21, 2013 at 7:45pm

That's a great make-over. Thanks for sharing.

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