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So my better half is able to manage this week without me there and I was able to escape down the shore to my friend Cins place for a few days.  I brought my Elnita, and a car load of tools.  She tells me that her Kenmore 2 will not work and asked me to look at it. I re-threaded the top without any trouble and opened the door to the bobbin case, took the bobbin case out, and gave the thread a tug to see how much tension there was.  The thread snapped off...  sooo.... you know what that means.  So I turned the screw on the bobbin case to loosen the tension, and the head broke off.  


I said okay, we'll use the Elnita in tandem.  I had to set it up anyway.  So again, I thread the top without any trouble, open the door to the bobbin case, and, there was not bobbin case at all.


I thought to myself "you have got to be ******* me".  We are in a little town along the shore and at least half an hour away from any real kind of retail store.   Our local Sears store did not carry the bobbin case.  Odd since they are probably interchangeable from one model to another - wouldn't that make sense?  The Elnita and the Kenmore 2 took the same bobbin case.  

I contacted the local "____________ Sewing Centre"  I leave the name blank because I don't have anything good to say about their service.  Unfortunately.  I emailed them yesterday around noon.  Then I called them this morning:  "Yes I see you say that you are able to provide parts for most domestic and industrial machines.  I wondered if you had a bobbin case for a Kenmore 2 or an Elnita 200."  long pause....  "Oh my, I have no idea.  We might have some.  I don't know what they fit though.  What are you looking for again?"  "A bobbin case for an Elnita or a Kennmore.."  "oh, well Harry is not here and he's out doing service work so I'd have to remind him to call you tomorrow..."  


I swear....

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Comment by Karen on May 17, 2012 at 2:23am

Sometimes, you have to take a deep breath and tell yourself it was not meant to be.  Someone did not want you to do this now.  Let it go. Make a plan, move on.

Or  you could just throw something?

Comment by Katriina Alanko on May 15, 2012 at 9:43am

Not exactly user friendly service. Have you ever found what you need in the first store you entered?  Sometimes I think that all store owners stock exactly the same stuff on purpose.  Very frustrating.  My dream is to open a store for sewists of all kinds and carry all those things you can never find in other stores. 

Comment by Andrea Schlickbernd on May 15, 2012 at 9:39am

Oh Susan, don't you hate that?? You have everything lined up, ready to go and BAM, "ain't gonna happen". Well, plan B. Go out on a bit of a shopping trip and buy yourself something...perhaps a new sewing machine? lol  Time to do a bit of exploring. Make it a great day anyway!!!

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