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Sewing Machine Needle Organiser - Update!

Back in April 2014 I made my final version of the Sewing Machine Needle Organizer, and posted it  I included all the pages in pdf files you can download in A4 or US Letter size (they are just above the Materials list).

There's an intoduction, a diagram naming the parts of a needle and showing the different types, a Contents list,

Bookmark showing where you took your needle from

then each type of needle has its own page, with;

  • a description of its uses and available sizes,
  • 2 pockets for packs of new ones and
  • a piece of felt to store part-used ones according to their size.  

When you take a needle out of a packet, you can put the bookmark in.  If the packet has more than one size in it, you can put a flower pin under the size needle on the felt.

At the end is a Fabric, Needle & Thread Guide, as someone suggested on an earlier version

I added a tutorial to make a fabric cover and even included how to make a fabric a label. I keep mine on the shelf next to my sewing machine, and find it invaluable.

I added dividers to mine.  You can buy normal card dividers, but the tabs are very small, so I bought these self-adhesive tabs from (Durable 40mm Quick Non-Permanent Index Tab - Assorted colours (Pack of 48).   I really like the bright colours!

I made the labels for them using my dad's Dymo Letra Tag with transparent tape. Alternatively you can buy printable tabs (Avery Printable Self-Adhesive Tabs, 80 Tabs, 1.75 inches x 1 inch on or just write on them.  

However I found that as I filled it with more and more needles, it got too fat and I had to split them.  I moved all the twin, triple and overlocker needles into a second file. Then I started collecting twin needles in more sizes, and realised I needed more pockets to store them in.  

So I decided to make a new page, with just four pockets for packets.  I printed the page with just the squares to show where to put the vinyl, and sewed it on with an old jeans needle.

Here it is.  I will add it to the download file.  I've made a new cover for my second file.  (I gave the blue one away to a friend).  I asked anyone who tried to make it from my tutorial to let me know if it was okay, but I never heard from anyone... until......

Comment by Kathy Rockey on December 7, 2014 at 12:09am

Made one of these for the gift exchange at our Sewing Guild party and it was a big hit. I shared the link to your tutorial on Facebook. Thanks for the download and instructions.


and that made it all worthwhile!  Up until then I didn't think anyone had made one.  Maybe I should put it on Craftsy now, what do you think?

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DOWNLOAD CENTRAL

Click to download the new extra packet page in A4 or US Letter size.

As the original post only has downloads for the Organizer pages, I have added pdf downloads (in both A4 and US Letter size) for the ORGANIZER TUTORIAL and all the ORGANIZER PAGES (including the new extra page) on My Page HERE 

However, when it came to the TUTORIAL FOR THE COVER it wouldn't let me add any more, so the link takes you to the original post, and you can download it there.

Hope that covers it all!

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Comment by Marie on February 16, 2015 at 10:38am

Wonderful, and helpful !thanks

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