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I have been using a blog on line through google domain. I think I should drop it and use here instead. Twitter drives me crazy, so I mostly go to twibes where I can see and share with people that like the same thing I do. There is way too much "racket" out there for me. I am almost 49 and don't want to keep up with things I don't care about.

Crafting has really gotten bazaar. There are some crazy things out there. I support All Hand and Machine Made, but my passion is ALL fabric, creating, making, patterns, designing, knitting and sharing my ideas with others. At one time I thought I might start selling. I don't have time to make things to sell, because I am too busy giving things away I make and create. I have also pledged to start making ALL of my clothes again.

I someday hope have a small shop that is for teaching, sharing, meetings, etc. I would like to have machines that people could use so they wouldn't have to bring their own. It would be a sew and share shop. I haven't quite figured out how to do that yet. Having a business is scary. I got a degree back in 1983, Bachelor of Science in Home Economics/Textile Science. I went straight into Hospital Product and Pharmaceutical Sales. I have sewn since a little girl. I was in 4-H and made my first outfit at 7.

I started blogging this last fall at
My name comes from Buttons (step-grandchildren call me that) and Sweetpee is my chocolate long-haired dachshund.

I would love to make friends with anyone with interest in creating fashion for the home sewer.
My ASG Chapter I joined is 200 miles from my home. I have experience in all areas of sewing from hand Smocking, French Hand Sewing, Garment construction, knitting, Wedding Dress, Crafts,
painting, etc… BUT, not perfection in any. Endless learning is my passion.

Please share your blogs, or retreats you would recommend. Nobody I am close to sews nor do they cook! Have a great day and Happy Sewing.

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