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Slow learner...didn't get to comment on the last 3 photos before I hit something and "zip" they were posted.

If, like, Larrie, you are interested in this kind of project. Please choose a shoe that is comfortable and still in good shape. Also, make sure that you can "open up" between the sole & heel enough to ease in 1/4 minimum -- 3/8" better of the new fabric into place. Do not, I repeat, do not try to pry the heel any looser than that! The way heels are put on now, you risk snapping of the plastic plug or loosening the nails making it too difficult to replace the heel properly. I find a medium screwdriver or clam opening knife (my favorite) for do this.

If it is a molded on sole; forget it and paint the shoe instead and add braiding, or stencilling or decoupage or other decorative art instead.

This shoe is the first time I used a loose woven plaid on a microfabric "puffy" shoe surface; leather, cloth and synthetic leather much easier to deal with! I found I needed to use double sided applique tape to hold the rolled thick pipped edge between the inner and outer fabrics to hold the weave together. Didn't not add iron on backing because it would have made the shoe too tight and not allowed the built in "give of the bias pipping and stretch of the outer fabric. That is why the plaid is on the bias in addition to not making my foot look so square toes.

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