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Ava's slipper socks!!

I am really glad people liked these slipper socks, they took a lot of patience and stitching.. un-stitching and stitching again for this beginner :)

I got the pattern for this out of a magazine called Sew it today. I love the magazine, it's only $4 and has lots of ideas and projects for all skill types. However, the pattern didn't make the correct size.

My niece is a size 8 child shoe and the size 8 in the magazine made about a size 5.. which even if she could squeeze her feet into wouldn't be comfy and would soon be way too small. Also, it was unnecessarily complicated in the way the pattern was drawn, with the indent of the foot and the left and right pieces.. So, instead of paying $6 for more sizes on the original website Here.. I made my own. 

Firstly, I took a size 8 child's shoe and made a point on tracing paper at the top of the shoe and the bottom to get the length, then marked where I wanted the sides to be. I then added about a quarter inch seam allowance.

( You could also draw around the child's foot and add SA.)

   (These are photos of my spare parts, not very neat.. but it's just to get the idea. I didn't take pictures while making it as I expected them to turn out bad.. lol)


The top part was a bit more complicated..            

Basically, get your top layer fabric and put the sole you cut out on top..

Put the sole on top of your outer fabric. Draw a straight line where the bottom of the sole ends ...

..and then from the top of the sole, gradually curve down equally on both sides until you meet the straight line. (Do this on the back of the fabric if you are using a pencil or pen).. you can also do one side then fold the piece in half to make sure the other side is the same, and cut. Then you need to cut out the ankle part as seen in picture 2.. Again, you can fold the piece right sides together and draw a kind of semi-oval and cut it folded so its the same on the other side.

You will need 2 soles (one outer, one lining) and 2 top pieces (one outer, one lining) for each shoe. I used non-slip fabric for the outer sole. If you decide not to, then your shoe will be reversible. :)

1. Get an outer piece and fold it right sides together so the straight lines meet up then sew a line about 1/4 inch from the edge of the lines. This is the back seam.

2. Pin your outer piece and and outer sole right sides together, so the edges meet all the way around (you may have to trim a little of your sole)

3. Sew around the edges allowing for your small seam allowance. The back seam of the outer piece should be sticking up and hopefully will now resemble a shoe-like form, with room for a foot.

4. Do the same steps for the lining pieces. except leave a gap around the toe part of the edge for turning. (I did mine to the side of the toes where my slip stitch could be hidden)

5. Turn the outer part of the shoe right side out and put it inside the lining which is the wrong way out. 

6. Pin the ankle holes together, so that the lining will fit nicely when you turn it the right way.

7. Sew the ankle holes together

8. Pull the outer shoe through the gap left in the lining so the lining sticks out, slip stitch the gap closed and tuck it down into the shoe.

Hopefully, you have a shoe!.. If not, I am sorry but I tried my best to explain it for free for you. It took me a few tries to get the lining right inside the shoe, a lot of unpicking and swearing.

But, if I can eventually do it, I am sure you can too :) 

Tip.. Make both outer shoes at the same time and then both inner shoes, instead of making one whole shoe first and then the other whole shoe.. better chance of them being equal.

Happy sewing.

Danica x

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Comment by Karen on February 13, 2014 at 3:25am

Hi Danica

Glad you sorted the slippers!

What are you using the slip stitch for?  I mainly use it for closing the opening left in the lining to turn bags through, and usually as long as I keep the stitches small it hides everything when I pull it up!


Comment by Danica Reed on December 17, 2013 at 5:50pm

My nieces LOVED their presents, Ava was so excited jumping and squeaking, unfortunately, she has very big feet for a 3 year old! not exactly an 8 and wide.. and I was heartbroken because her little face was so happy, even with them half on she put her foot in the air and said "yeah!".. so we put them on a teddy bear and I promised her I would make her bigger ones, I did them in about 2 hours today!! and I am giving them to her on Christmas. Upside to the story, she loves them and I have definitely got the technique down!

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