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Slouchy Recycled Denim Sewing Machine Cover & Accessory Storage

Back in 2012 I made these covers for my sewing machine and overlocker to replace the flimsy plastic dust-covers they came with.  I use my conservatory for all my sewing and the temperatures swing from high to low so I wanted insulated covers to protect them from the extremes.  I took measurements from the machines and drafted my own patterns.

It was also fun to personalise them by using recycled fabrics patched together and embellished with applique and decorative stitches.  On the overlocker I added samples of flat-lock stitch!  I made slots in the top of each cover so I could reach the carry handles, and put flaps over the slots to keep the dust out.  I found the flaps worked better if I weighted them down with buttons.

Later on I made a bag for the foot control and power cable for my overlocker using the free tutorial by So Chick! for her (No Guts) "Boxie" Pouch.  I added a key ring rather than a hook to hang it with.  Her instructions don't specify what interfacing to use, so I chose Stiff Stuff by Lazy Girl as it's not bulky, gives a crisp finish and retains it's shape well.

Felt Pincushions

I kept my sewing machine out so I only needed a bag for the foot control.  Mine is the neat retractable version which I bought when the original one started playing up, so it only needed a small bag.  I had made a neat zipped one with my overlocker from instructions in the book "Ready, Set, Serge" (by Georgie Melot) that would be the ideal size, and the zipper not being across the top seemed better for my purposes.  You can see how well it worked.

So back to the present, and I have a new sewing machine, the Janome Memory Craft 6600 Pro. It is a big beast, and has this slightly better quality plastic dust-cover, but it will still need protection from the extremes in temperature in my conservatory.  I used the plastic one to draft a pattern and decided to make it up using recycled denim.

I pieced together panels including pockets as I hope to use them, and assembled the exterior.  For insulation I recycled part of an old duvet that had been used to pack a light fitting we bought and pieced that into shape.  I used a zig-zag stitch to both join them together and compress the duvet before fitting the lining.

For the lining I used this quilt weight cotton from my stash.  Here it is inside-out over my machine, looking rather lumpy.  Just as well that I am not going for a tailored look, just good insulation!  I joined them leaving a gap for turning in a side seam. 

The finished cover, definitely more slouchy than fitted!  The pocket at one end holds the plug and cable, the one on the other end holds my foot control. The ones on the front and back are spare! I didn't make a slot for the carrying handle this time as I do not intend to carry it around.

However I did add a couple of straps, simply to help lift the cover off!  I used pieces of waistband including the buttonhole.  I top-stitched narrow seams around the top to give it a bit more shape, then stitched the straps to the seams, matching the stitching line.  I added buttons to the ends without a buttonhole just for fun.

My slouchy recycled denim cover for my new girl!

Now I know she is well protected, but yes, her backside does look big in jeans!

I am keeping my Janome DC 3050 as it has a free arm and is lighter, so I can carry it to workshops.  This means I now need a bigger pouch so I can carry both the foot control AND the power cable.  The simplest answer was to sew another (No Guts) Boxie pouch.  I used a similar fabric and Stiff Stuff, but also added some fusible fleece to the lining this time. No I didn't pattern match!

There is room inside for more equipment if needed, and the pouch can hang or stand flat or on end. The great thing is that when hanging you can unzip them without the contents spilling out! I love 'em.  They will fold flat when empty too which is handy.  They  would make great gifts sewn up in themed fabrics for anyone.  I think I will make one for my laptop charger next.  You can get the free tutorial from So Chick.

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