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Good evening everyone! Hope everyone is getting something done on their favorite projects. I have seen several requests for free patterns for pillow case dresses. Well, I was just checking my mail, and I had a note from about a new pattern line they have. I looked on their website for curiosity's sake, and under the heading "e-patterns" and then "free downloads", there is a pattern-----FREE-----for a pillowcase dress, and you can even use this pattern on just regular fabric. It can be printed out and taped together, then it's pretty simple. Day before yesterday, I decided to make myself a pattern from a blouse that I bought from the mall a couple months ago. It is made from a tye-dye like fabric, with a square yoke, and "butterfly sleeves". I absolutely fell in love with it. It was $75 regular price. It made me sick. Also on the same rack were 2 other blouses that I love that were also $75 each. I got sicker! I'm just a regular tightwad, and have NEVER spent that much money on a shirt, jeans, shoes, etc. I guess the only garment I ever bought for more than $11.95-$24.99 was my WEDDING GOWN, which I bought out of a JCPenney catalogue! It was a whopping $150. I still love it today. Now, back to the blouses. I looked at the top of the rack, and low and behold, the blouses were 50% off. I made up my mind that I was gonna get over it and splurge and buy myself these 3 shirts, which would still be more than I wanted to pay, but I did it anyway. I got them up to the checkout and waited for them to be rung up. The clerk said my total was $33 and some change!!! OMG! I was elated! So, one of the blouses, being my favorite of the 3, I took and traced around the individual pieces of the blouse to make my own pattern. That "Mississippi Market Bulletin" was put to the best use possible----making my pattern out of! I had some gorgeous fabric that I had purchased at Hancock for 50% off, it is lightweight, and VERY boldly patterned and colored. So, I set to work, taking my time as I am going. So far, I have made the yoke, the yoke lining, and have put it together and serged around the 4 edges of the yoke. I pressed it, and have it hanging on a coat hanger from my mantel. Not much progress, but so far, it's turning out good, considering I have only done this type pattern-making maybe once before. When I finish it, I do hope to have hubby take pics and I will post them to show what I feel is a big accomplishment for me. I hope I have not talked your ears off, but remember, hubby works in Australia 30 days on/30 days off, so you ladies and gentlemen are my "family" of sorts! So, happy sewing, and hopefully the pc will be ready this week. Happy stitching! Sherri

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