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"Talking" patterns and book to empower your creativity

My hope - prayer - goal is that my "Talking" patterns will really, really give sewers just the tools and encouragement they need to sew creatively - whether it be on a "Creative Sweatshirt Jacket" as I do - or ANY garment they make!

Just this week, I finalized and released the following pattern booklets AND my starter book.
Watch a demo video - just be patient a minute for the audio to begin!

Transformed is my design for transforming that lower sweatshirt band into great collars and necklines.

Celebration features a dramatic back flare that takes the sweatshirt into 'party' wear with class! This edition of that design adds sseveral more options - as witnessed by the new pattern cover.

Worthy is angular and sharp - with an additonal great angled fitting option at the back. Additional jackets are featured in this new addition!

Chosen is the sewing pattern sweatshirt transformation that first debuted my "Talking Patterns". It features wonderful face-framing collars.

Creative Sweatshirt Jackets...Londa's Way includes FIVE designs - and now several additional options.

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