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I have just finished reading all of the comments about the shirts I have made and the bags. I am simply overwhelmed! Thanks to everyone! I was skeptical to begin with about this venture into tee shirt land.... But, I started out digging through my son's closet and finding the Old Navy tee that he just wouldn't wear, or didn't know how picky they are???!!!! Anyway, after that one, I used another one of his that he didn't wear. Then, I decided I wanted to go to the thrift store. I took my time and looked at all of the children's tees, and the men's tees. I looked in the women's/girls section to see if there was a tee that would fit my daughter that matched anything that I had picked out so far. I brought all of my "trash to treasure" home with me, and I started cutting. I had watched sooooooo many tee redo's on you tube and other tutes on the net, and I was psyched. After I posted the pics of the tees and the bags, I ordered 2 books, one is Generation T: 120 new ways..., and the other was also by the same author, and it too was about tee shirt recons. I have looked at the books, and I enjoy seeing what she has done with her tees, but I enjoy seeing what I can come up with. I have another trip to the thrift store planned for tomorrow morning. Gosh I can't WAIT till I get there and dive head first into all those tees.

I also am sewing other things. I did make a pair of panties from the sleeve of an orange tee. It was a long sleeve shirt. Jamie, my son, has about worn out his tank tops going swimming, so I decided to chop the sleeves off an orange Old Navy tee that he had. I hated to throw the sleeves away! So, I printed a free pattern from the net, and I sat down and made the panties. They are SOOOOOOO not my size! It was my first time to ever make panties, so I didn't worry about matching the thread and stuff. Anyway, if I make any more of them, the pattern will have to be enlarged QUITE A BIT! I have a blouse on the sewing machine now. I order most of my fabrics online, because we only have 1 fabric store, and it's about 20-25 minutes away. I bought 2 yards of fabric from someone on Ebay, but he had already sold out of it. So, he sent me a replacement, and I like it BETTER! I am so very hot natured, and the summer time here is awful. We have high humidity along with our high temps. So, I try to make things that are cool, breezy, and won't stick to me when I'm hot. I will post pics of it when I finish it.

I hope everyone is getting the sewing done that they have wanted to get done, and thanks again for the sweet comments! Happy Sewing Everyone!

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Comment by Sadie on June 15, 2010 at 11:38am
Hey Sherii... love your blog!!

Its soooooo inspiring to hear your totally hyped up Green talk!!
Comment by Sherri on June 13, 2010 at 11:12pm
Thanks a million Patricia! I am really psyched up about this tee shirt fascination. I went to Goodwill yesterday. Again, I took my time, and found a mound of treasures! From "green" Sponge Bob to the Pillsbury Dough Boy to Hard Rock Cafe' in the Caymans, I found them all and was so proud of my treasures as I gladly paid the lady. I am really looking forward to cutting them up and apart and putting them back together and on and on and on! I will post pics when I finish something. Happy Sewing!
Comment by Patricia McClain Osborne on June 13, 2010 at 4:16am
I am so glad hear such enthusiasum. You have been doing a great job on your recycled t's creations. Looking forward to seeing more of your projects.

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