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Quilting is not just for girls

By Nayeli Rodriguez

Sean Gutekunst is rambunctious on the playground, like many 6-year-olds. He enjoys attending band practice with his father, playing piano, and being in the Cub Scouts, but he has an unusual hobby - quilting.
Sean learned through his grandmother, Linda Dougherty, an experienced quilter who has made this American tradition a tradition for her family.

"I started in the 1970s, there was a resurgence of quilting during the bicentennial," says Dougherty. "Since then, quilting has always been a way of exposing my children and grandchildren to sewing."

Sean's mother, Colleen, said all of her children began to quilt around the age of 5, sitting by their grandmother at the sewing machine.

Still, his mother and grandmother hadn't anticipated that the little boy would quilt. "Since he's the only boy, she thought he wouldn't be interested," Colleen Gutekunst said.

"He brought it up," recalled Dougherty, operations director at the Bucks County Visitor's Center, where her grandson's first work is on display. "He said, 'Grandma, when am I going to make my quilt?' I was surprised at myself that I hadn't thought of it." [read on!]

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