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....of this fabric I brought back from Japan finally changed its shape. For 2 years I didn't touch this fabric because I loved it too much to cut into pieces. It was already just a strip.

When I came back from Japan, my good friend visited me ans ask what I found over there. So I showed her the fabrics I and she loved this one. The one I loved but couldn't afford to buy more than 1 meter. This material was from a designer's collection and the price was not very friendly to me. But I loved the colors, pattern, and the beautiful texture of this material. Now my friend says she wants it. After I debated myself, I decided to hand it to her leaving just a narrow strip for myself.

I was going to get more of it somewhere. Wrong. I didn't see it on any online shops. Then last year I learned that this collection had been discontinued. Oh well. I know this happened to many of my fellow sewers. Right?

The other day I finally decided to use it up insted of hiding it in a drawer forever. I cut the strip into 6 pieces and made 3 slightly-different-from-one-aother pouches. The lining fabrics are all different. I am keeping the one with burgandy lining with small white sakura or cherry blossom pattern Japanese cotton.

This evening, I found out that one of these pouches is featured on this site. Now I can show off this beautiful fabric to more people out there.

My Matcha zip pouch

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