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The materials are the words of the quilter's art

The materials are also the quilters work's heart which he/she uses. In order to make a project you need a variety of materials. Today, you can get a wide range of materials in different sizes, colors and patterns. The experts consider selecting the best materials as an art for our projects. It means for the beginners that they need to learn the essential standards of experienced quilters.


If we could see quilting as an art we would understand that we have to be talented but also it is necessary to learn how to make amazing quilts. Materials are “ the words for the quilters” so they need to learn to use them in any way. Material's qualities help them to find the best way to create a nice project.

So as in all parts of our life there are also tricks and tips for the quilters with which they can become great artists who give cute, fun and nice projects to the world. Do you want to know some of these tricks?


- The first and most important trick is to find how we can get high-quality materials at a good price. The adequate knowledge of components of different color shades allows you to compare the nuances and select one which seems the best suit for your project. Select your project's base color (yellow, blue, red are the dominant colors) and learn all basic color shades endeavoring to find them in 2-3 colors, which provide the best overall effect.


- After selecting the colors and even before purchasing all materials you need to decide which type of material want to use. It is your choice, but as a beginner I recommend you to choose high quality cotton for your very first projects. Although the quality has its price, during the whole process of making an amazing quilt you 're going to make sure that it's worth sacrificing for the quality.



- The material, of course, also depends on how you want to use the finished work. It is better to choose long-lasting materials for the everyday supplies because of frequent washing, easy to use and the woven material is less prone to get damaged. If you make a blanket or pillow for your child or carpet for playing on it, make sure to choose cotton which can be a main decoration in your child's room during for so many years. One thing to keep in mind when selecting material, (whatever you choose it's your choice) is that you have to work with the chosen material by yourself.


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