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Since I read the yo-yo post in the Quilting group I have been very busy! I calculated I needed1232 yo-yo's for a 42" X 66" throw. So I started digging through the stash and cutting the fabric. To my surprise, I counted the one's that were done and I have 680 yo-yo's completed! I love the colors in the picture above so I am staying in that color and random design mode. I rotary cut all the circles from 4 1/2" squares, which made it fast and efficient. I don't yet have all the circles cut because I'm still on the hunt for more peach and pink fabric. That's been kind of difficult, even on-line! If anyone has any peach or pink they'd like to donate to the cause I would be truly "sew" grateful...Lynne

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Comment by janell on September 27, 2009 at 11:22pm
that is a beautiful pile of yo yo's.I've started about 4 different yo yo quilts during my life,starting from when I was 10,,and always gave up on them when I got one fifth of the way finished,lol(so tedious).I love the look of them though.A lot of ppl don't even know what a yo yo quilt is.

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