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So, I went to our local Goodwill yesterday.  I was determined to find a few tees for some tee surgeries! I am a bit leery of admitting, but even at Goodwill, I am really picky about the things I get.  I buy tee shirts that have something pretty on them.  I look for stuff that I can cut up or repurpose.  I found out just 2 days ago that I'm gonna be sewing for an extra family member in about 8 months.  So, I made up my mind that I was going to Goodwill to see if I could find some things to make tops for my newly pregnant daughter Kristin.  She is the mom of my most gorgeous grandson Noah who is 2.  I looked all over the net for ideas, and settled on one in particular.  I found what I was looking for at Goodwill, made a quick run to Hobby Lobby and headed home with my treasures.  I even purchased a new pair of scissors........that's how many things  I intend to make!  I looked over my happies, and found a tube top that I could alter in size, and a men's long sleeve dress shirt that matched extremely well.  I started cutting what I needed, saving the rest for a maxi dress, leaving only the collar, the pocket, and a few seams to throw away! I'm not completely finished with this tube-top to tube top/tube dress makeover.  So far, I'm pleased with how it's working out.  I will also say that the idea came from "Little Red Roost".  I will take more pics when complete, and hopefully some while Kristin tries it on. I'm also gonna post pics of a few more things I have made that I enjoy.  (Makes me wish I had taken pics of all of my projects........oh well......)  Happy sewing everyone! 

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