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Have you all seen the yummy cowls/circle scarves on Etsy yet? I would
love to be able to knit a humongous cowl...sadly I'm not so inclined. I did see some fabric & fleece ones I liked, but the Hancock's sale fleece I ordered probably hasn't even left the warehouse yet. Instead of waiting, I raided the closet. Not what I wanted, but it was practice anyway and practice makes perfect (sometimes).
Here's what ensued...

It's reversible too : )

This one's not a cowl. It's my inner ninja...or the beginnings of the
pattern of my inner ninja. I got a speeding ticket today. *sigh* I
really could've used those ninja skills. I even backed up traffic. I'm sure the morning commuters
loved me. Apparently ninja skills hide out while driving to work because I had nary a one. Maybe it was the lack of a proper mask. I wasn't able to detect the presence of, or disappear from the view of "the man". Begging for mercy didn't even help. "Shall I try tears?" I thought..."Nah, God would never approve of that tactic. I'll use this as an example to the kids.", trying to make it seem less awful. It was one of those "zero tolerance days" anyway, so the cop said. Then my spotless record vanished, ninja style. Nice.

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Comment by Birdie on December 4, 2009 at 9:46pm
You're too sweet Larri! I definitely think this particular one is for a younger person, but somebody had to model it, right?? : o ) It's always better to practice on free stuff first, so I did. I have one in mind for myself though. Mine will be much taller than this one. One I can pull up over my head like a hood.

That ticket was a bad way to start the day! It was a school zone daughter's school none-the-less! I was deep in thought & putting on lotion at the same time. Those three don't mix well apparently *ouch*I couldn't BELIEVE it!

I actually did make the ninja pattern & the ninja to go with it. It needs a little work, but it's almost there...
Comment by Larri on December 4, 2009 at 9:32pm
Awww...poor you. Sorry you got the speeding ticket. You can only push the pedal of your sewing machine at top speed, not the gas pedal, girl. ;o) I love the cowl neck! I don't think I could wear that style; however, you look like a super-model and are rockin' it. I love that it's reversible too. Are you going to make a pattern and sew up that ninja in the drawing?

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