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Well it's cold and wet and dark and windy and that's my excuse fo not doing any sewing, my sewing room/conservatory is cold!

I should be making more of these pretty pink drawstring bags for ballet shoes for a friend of mine

I should be cutting out the new lining for my vintage faux leopardskin coat, which is ready for it now

I should be cutting out this new Fryett's oilcloth fabric I bought recently.  I thought I could use it

"Maritime" oilcloth in blue

to make a replacement bag for my shopping trolley which is great but dull dull dull!  I can never find anything inside it as it is so cavernous and dark inside so I hope to make it brighter inside and out.  I do live near the seaside after all!

I should be sticking together the pdf pattern for Maria Denmark's Winnie Wide Legged Trousers.  

I have decided to try her Trousers Fit n Sew Along, a year after she posted it.  I have always been a late developer!  I have never made trousers before, and apart from my Tiger Stripe Dressing Gown and Bunnies Bed Jacket I haven't made myself anything to wear for about 38 years, so this is quite a challenge to myself, but I love the look of those pants.  She has recommended the book "Pants for Real People" and the library is getting it in for me.  If I love it I will buy it.

Instead I am sitting here typing.  I need to put the vacuum round too.  Maybe tomorrow?

On the 'up' side, I am off to London on Saturday at 7.30 am to visit the Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexander Palace, London 

Alexandra Palace aka "The Peoples' Palace" or the "Ally Pally"

I have never been before, and I am going by myself as I don't know anyone else who would want to go.  It's a coach trip so I get dropped off and picked up at the door, which is great. I daresay I will chat to others on the coach and may even make a new friend!  

I have my Official Show Guide, and have highlighted the stands I want to visit on the map. It's exciting, but I am already worrying about what to wear!  As I haven't made the new bag I will have to take my dull black wheelie.  I need it so I can fill it up with goodies!  As it was my birthday last week the other half has treated me to the trip, and my dad has given me spending money so I'm all set otherwise!  

I'll tell you all about it when I get back!


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