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They often ask our friends or acquaintances about the future, what kind of style we prefer the more traditional or modern. “What kind of furniture is predominant in your house, is it the last century or modern designers you prefer to stick to? ”

Of course, as in other areas of life, you do not need to think in extremes, not all black and white. Think about how many traditional motives, items, stories planted successfully into today’s modern environment. The point of consistency, harmony is found.

Traditional shapes in modern colours or modern shapes with traditional motives, blended, dazzling can make your artwork extremely unique and rare.

Personally, I really like handicrafts with the traditional and modern motives together. The figure of “Sunbonnet Sue” in a twenty first Century ambient can make your project more interesting, of course, taking into account to respect the tradition of the forms showing the Sunbonnet Sue appearance.

In my project, “Quilters’ Club”, I use again this traditional motive in a situation which can be referenced to the past and present as well, thinking about our grandmothers who made their projects together chatting, singing, sharing their thoughts with their drawings and colours.

The idea of why I made this project came going through a quilting magazine, in which I saw an image of a group of women who were working together on a quilt. I remember my grandmother who used to like to get together with her friends every Wednesday while gossiping about the people they knew. Many times I was sitting with them and I was amazed by this ambient of freedom and happiness. I wanted to make this quilt to be dedicated to her and to remind me about these moments of my life.

Do not be frightened of the possibility, which is more valuable to do your job, open your eyes walking through the world, and use the impressions and feelings, giving them back into your projects blending the traditional with the modern.

The true artist use the acquired experience and perceptions and shape their own souls, and work themselves to return them back into their projects.   Be a true artist and become known by your work!


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