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The shoes are finished and I learned a lot still! Also, gave them a "home". The shoe bags are made of an "Ugly or Unwanted" fabric from a Brown Bag Drawing at an ASG Meeting. For the window in each I cut clear pieces of plastic from vest packages etc. I used double facd tape to hold them in place against the fabric opening and then zigzag stitched some of my Grandmother's baby rickrack to hold all layers in place. A bit of baby oil on cotton kept the sticky of the tape off the needle. The shoe cushions are fashioned after the ones I made for my Mom as a Brownie in 1936. The filling now is polyester instead of cotton and in the toe of each is one of those "damp chaser" cylinders that come in medicine bottles. The ivory circles are also from my collectionn of "old things" to recycle.

End of shoe story. :)

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