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I was asked the other day about unfinished projects. Do I start a new project when I have another one that isn't finished? Of course I do! Doesn't everyone?

Life would be so much easier if I did finished every project before starting another. But inevitably something will come up, where a project has to be shelved for a time. Sometimes it is because I need a notion, or (in most cases) interfacing for the next step (I never seem to have the right weight interfacing ever!).  Sometimes, it is because the Boy has had an epiphany and wants me to sew something for him. However, typically once I get the needed item, I do finish the project. So why do some get finished and others do not?

But since being asked that, I have mulled it over in my mind. Why do I have so many unfinished projects?  I have 2 unfinished lap quilts. They are unfinished because one was for a wedding gift, the couple split up, and I personally do not want a 'John Deere' lap quilt. So no need to finish that. The other one, well it is not as aesthetically pleasing as I wanted. It is not what my mind's eye envisioned. It is bland and dull, where I had anticipated something more stunning, something that would be eye catching. But it wasn't.

I have an unfinished card wallet. It is a small project, should be easy to finish right? So why didn't I finish it? I loved the fabrics I picked out, I had picked out some hand dyed quilters cotton. All if this, one would think, would lead to a completed project. But when I got the wallet almost to completion, I noticed it was lopsided. Not badly off, not noticeably off, but enough that *I* know it is lopsided. That seemed to be the catalyst for sucking all enjoyment out the of project for me. 

Why not rip it apart and redo it, you may ask? Because I hate ripping out things! It is almost as bad as hand sewing for me. Especially when the error was so close to the beginning of the project and I am nearly at the end. It is like I would have to completely start all over, the horrors! Just the mere thought of that depresses me.

So it appears, after some soul searching, that the reason I have unfinished projects, is that I have fallen out of the love with them. As long as I 'love' them, and have no issues with them, I finish them. But if something happens that changes the way I feel about them emotionally, I do not. It's almost like I am dumping them. "I have had enough.. be gone with you!"

That brings me to my latest project. My latest project is a Hussif. I have seen some amazingly beautiful hussifs on the internet. I love them! But I have not been able to find the pattern. The one I am interested in, is one created by Julie Craig of Attic Heirlooms in Kansas. But, apparently there is no website for Attic Heirlooms of Kansas on the web, and therefore cannot locate the pattern. So I will be creating my own pattern. I hope to incorporate some ribbon embroidery into it (yes I know.. that will require 'hand sewing'), to give it that vintage feel.

So having no pattern, and the thought of hand work being involved, this latest project is shaping up to be another 'unfinished project'. BUT! Maybe because I have actually admitted that I am working on this, when I hit a slump, I will force myself to finish. Time will tell.


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Comment by Corinna on May 24, 2011 at 11:28am

Ahhhh, you have summed up one of my biggest WIP issues!  No matter how excited I am about a new project, if something goes wrong I tend to put it to the side and find something new to work on.  Once the disenchantment sets in, the project is doomed!  I need to create a way to breathe life back into the poor, discarded projects I have!

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