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Use fabric bags for wrapping Christmas gifts rather than paper!! $2.00 fabric, one hour, and 18 bags later!!!

Several years ago my daughter came home for Christmas and had all her gifts wrapped in cloth bags! What a great idea: No mess, nothing to go to landfill, reusable, easy to store, etc. So after Christmas I went to the fabric store and bought fabric for almost nothing and made bags. Well, each year since then I add a few more as I need different sizes and to replenish my supply. This year I also attached ribbon to them so now don't even have to search for a tie for the bag. Tonight I needed a couple more bags and decided to finish the piece of fabric into bags. I needed small ones so 1 hour later I had 18 bags made with a $2.00 piece of Christmas fabric! They are so easy to make using regular machine (or serger). Ribbon is quite inexpensive and they are so easy to use. No tape or scissors needed. I used a paper punch to put holes in the tags so just thread the tag on and tie it up! This year I even printed on tag paper To: (recipient)and From: (Grandma and Grandpa) tags so I didn't even have to write on the tags!! I am so excited about how eco-friendly this is! Now I am going to use fabric bags for birthdays and other occasions - not just for Christmas. Just in case you are a beginner sewer construction is easy, just fold fabric (right sides together) to desired size, sew bottom and side that isn't on the fold. Hem top (or just serge edge if you would rather) and attach a piece of ribbon for tying shut. Press and turn right side out. How fun and easy can you get??? I used my serger to cut fabric and sew all at once so I used every inch of my fabric.

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Comment by Patricia McClain Osborne on June 18, 2010 at 11:44pm
Fabulous idea! Now that we are being more "Green" we can create simple totes making them even more re-usuable after the holidays.
Comment by Mary on December 15, 2009 at 5:52pm
Great idea! Now I know what I will be doing with my left over Christmas fabric.
Comment by Larri on December 14, 2009 at 6:06am
Thanks for sharing, Barbara! I did a few last year, and all my gifts this years are wrapped/bagged in fabric. Your look fabulous! Merry Christmas and Happy Sewing! :o)

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