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Here's the fabric I made back in November....


Not having any real idea of what I would do with it once I had made it, I set myself the task of finding a bag pattern that it would fit!  As it was only 14” by 21” I started looking for a nice small bag pattern to make a glitzy evening bag.…



I have actually bought this one from and have it stashed in a drawer, but couldn't quite decide if I wanted it for this.


or how about a clamshell purse frame like this one that I could cover, hmmm...


Eve Clutch from


I visited all my favourite designers, and spotted this version of Eve.  Chris kindly checked her pattern pieces against my measurements.  Unfortunately I would not have enough fabric. Bottoms!

Having exhausted that avenue, I went to and punched “clutch bag” into the search engine.  After a few pages, Bingo!  Thank you Susanne!


This is the “Simple Party Clutch” by Elizabeth Hartman for Sew, Mama, Sew! /


The finished bag measures 8” wide x 4¼” high x½” deep, the flap closes with a magnetic snap.  It fits!  So I downloaded the pattern and read all the instructions to make sure I understood them.  I then cut out the pattern pieces and double checked they fit.  I have this lovely steel blue/gold two-tone fabric (from a Man’s shirt in my stash) that will make a nice lining.


I think I will add a zipped pocket on the inside, and a larger divided slip pocket so it will hold my mobile phone. I would have liked to use some of ByAnnies  “Soft and Stable” instead of heavyweight interfacing for the bag body, but I would hate to mess it up so interfacing it is.  



I did change the handle and made it twice as wide, as my fabric was quite bulky and the narrower handle looked lumpy.  The pattern and instructions were fine, clear and easy to follow. Here it is with the outer made up, handle and flap basted in place.


Here’s the lining with the divided pocket and zipped pocket, ready to put together.  I used iron-on fleece because I like the spongy feel in my lining, but it did pucker up a bit.  I should have done it again I suppose, but I do find sewing the bag into the lining in a small bag really awkward - so I decided it was good enough for me!



This is before I top-stitched, trying out my mobile phone and lipstick in the pockets!  You can see the puckers!  Despite the glitzy fabric, I thought the bag lacked a little something, so I took a scrap and covered a button to go on the flap.  Then I was happy!  Here is my creation...


My “Simple Party Clutch”


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Comment by Renata on December 19, 2012 at 11:17pm

The simple party clutch patter seems to be one that can be worked up or down for a day or evening look. I like your project very much.

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