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Hi everyone, Tomorrow we're leaving for a two week vacation from our home in NW Florida. We'll be visiting our friends in Georgia for 3 days and then to Washington to visit our daughter for 4 days and then to Pa to visit my Mom and two sisters and then head back to home. We not sure where we will visit until we arrive back home.

Our neighbor will feed our fish but I'm not sure if she will know how to take care of all of my plants. I just hope I dont loose then. :(

We're suppose to have a freeze here but it wont be as bad as Pa. I'm originally from Harrisburg. brrrrrrrr Thats why I live here in Florida. LOL

I"m surely gonna miss all of my sewing. Can't wait till we're back home again. I need to take something to work on while I'm gonna. I'll post again when we're back home. Cya all then. Jeanne

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