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Today I finished up the Valentine shaped potholder presented at a recent meeting. I believe that the presenter got it from the web and her presentation was not very well done; maybe she was new at it...I am new to the group so I am not judging. I am saying that I was glad that I was one of the last to get the two pattern pieces for cutting because they left much to be desired. She did not have a finished sample showing the binding process but said cut bias 1 1/2". I was surprised and very glad that I did not get that one did. Because, this afternoon I cut mine 2" and it was perfect for the layers involved. Glad I'm not in the other gals sewing rooms if they followed her poorly organized directions! The finished one, photographed, went to my DDIL. We had dinner at DS & DDIL's tonight. She was thrilled; she does not sew but appreciates mine very much. My DH really liked it, and I will cut one bigger for his "big hand" for our kitchen.

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