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As I've been surfing thru the internet lately I've been noticing quite alot of Windmill quilts being created. I suddenly had a light bulb moment and realized: "I have one of those!"

I made this scrappy windmill about 8 years ago and I titled it "Persistence". Each block is 4" and there are a total of 400 blocks set 20 x 20. I did have some help from my freinds who donated 6" squares so I could keep it as scrappy as possible. I keep this quilt on the bed most of the time now but, I am in the process of making a new bed quilt. Persistence will have an honored spot on the quilt rack!

I would like to add that the dear hubby is behind that quilt, on a step stool, being very patient as a snap several pictures! The man has the patience of a saint!

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Comment by Sew4my3 on May 4, 2010 at 6:39am
OH WOW! This is sew beautiful! Love all of the different fabrics and colors!

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