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A Modern Quilting Bee - SEWING WITH NANCY

Join Nancy Zieman at  “A Modern Quilting Bee,” at the Quilt Expo in Madison, WI, for a modern gathering of all things quilting and sewing!

Key Points in this VIDEO (A Modern Quilting Bee):

① The term “quilting bee” might bring to mind faded images of women gathered around a quilt stretched on a frame.

② Now, ponder the term “modern quilting bee,” an image with thousands of quilt enthusiasts at a convention center.

Order the "Seams Unlikely: The True Life Story of Nancy Zieman" autographed book directly from Sewing with Nancy at Nancy's Notions for $10.99

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① Get a rare glimpse behind the scenes of Nancy's life.

② Discover the stories of her humble beginnings to her awkward teenage years and get insights from the friends and family who know her best.

③ Experience, with her as your guide, the doors of opportunity being opened and slammed shut for her personally and professionally.

④ You'll be inspired by the story of how one woman refused to be limited by the obstacles in her life, how she overcame what many would view as insurmountable challenges, and how she ultimately emerged triumphant as the host of the longest-running sewing show on television.

⑤ Plus, she shares a special photo section with images from her personal and professional life—pictures of the people, buildings, and places that played key roles along the path of her life.

⑥ Soft cover, 320-page book by Nancy Zieman with Marjorie L. Russell.

Public television's longest-running sewing and quilting program has been the source for innovative sewing, quilting and embroidery techniques and has inspired hobbyists nationwide since host Nancy Zieman transformed the television studio into her classroom in 1982.

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