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Diamond Sides - Turn a baggy t-shirt into a fitted one - Salinabear

If you have a lot of big, baggy, oversized t-shirts lying around that you never wear, you should definitely try this diamond technique! It's a super simple tutorial that you can pair with some of my other tutorials.

I used to use this club monaco t-shirt to sleep in but now that it actually fits me and I added in cute details, I can wear it out :)

I learned how to this technique from watching Adam Saaks cut t-shirts, he's amazing.

1. Put on your oversized t-shirt
2. Determine how many inches you want to tighten on each side. Take that number and at 1.5in. That's how deep you'll be cutting in step 4.
3. Cut straight up both sides of the shirt, through the armpit and sleeve too so that the front and the back of the shirt are detached. The only connecting parts left on the shirt are the shoulders.
4. Cut slits along both sides of the shirt. They should be about 2inches apart and for how deep your cuts are, use your measurement from step 2.
5. Cut the slits into triangles
6. Stretch out the fabric
7. Tie up the triangles! I started off wearing the shirt, then when I got closer to the armpits, I had to take it off to finish tying.
8. Cut the ends off and you're done!
9. Add additional designs, check out my other tutorials!

Salina Siu

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