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Fun Finishes for Raw Edges with the National Quilters Circle

When you applique a project, you often want a nice edge and clean finish. But what about raw edges? In this video, Laura Roberts teaches you several fun finishes to used when working with raw edges. You will learn how to stitch inside the edges and see many of her finished examples as inspiration for your own raw edge quilts.

75 Fun Fat-Quarter Quilts
• 13 fast, fun, and versatile fat-quarter quilts
• Each quilt in multiple sizes and variations for a total of 75 fresh ideas
• Diverse styles and skill levels
• Features popular and up-and-coming designers Liz Aneloski, Charlotte Angotti, Jera Brandvig, Debbie Caffrey, Amanda Castor, Kate Colleran, Melissa Corry, Kelli Hanken, Tiffany Jenkins, Jo Kramer, Allegory Lanham, Ellen Murphy, Allison Nicoll, and Susan Pfau.

  • Currently 5/5 stars.

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