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How to Sew a V-Neck T-Shirt (Jalie Pattern 2918)

Jeanne Binet makes a v-neck t-shirt (size H - for a 4-year-old) using Jalie Pattern 2918 (View A), showing the technique for both a regular sewing machine and a serger.

The background noise might be distracting!

Sewing Pattern: Jalie #2918 - Men's T-Shirts

Needles: Schmetz Stretch
Thread: 100% Polyester

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Comment by Kathleen on October 22, 2012 at 2:06pm

Good illustration of steps and "how to"!  I really HATE to see anyone sew OVER pins, especially when sewing with knits. A bur on a needle of pin can snag the fabric.  Also, sewing over pins is a great way to get you machine "out of time", etc.

One other thing I noticed was the cut un-finised edge of the knit was rolling UP as it was being fed under the foot.  A rule regarding which side of knit fabric is the RIGHT side, it that most knits will always rolls TOWARD the right side.  It appears the wrong side of this knit was used for the outer side of this garment.

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