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Troubleshooting Quick Snip Machine Making A Knocking Noise

"If this troubleshooting video does not answer your questions, it may be best to google your specific model of machine and this issue for resolution. Sewing machines are incredibly unique and my videos are intended to give you the OBVIOUS reasons you might be having problems. It's impossible to diagnose or fix specific machines in a general troubleshooting video, finding your specific machine on YouTube is the next level to trying to fix the machine via the internet. Best of luck and I hope my video is helpful for you!"

Is your machine making a funny knocking noise when you sew? The chances are likely that you don't need to take it in for repair, rather it's probably one of these main issues:

1. You don't have the face plate firmly screwed down 2. You need to change your needle!
Check out this quick little video to learn more and remember to visit us at

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